We are often being asked which products we use, for example our extremely green hay which is very popular with our bunny & guinea pig guests. Here you will find a list of the products we use which we continue to update. 

We have also included links to our personalised pet gifts that we make and sell via Etsy. Links will take you to external pages

Personalised Pet Treat Boxes

Introducing our own personalised pet food storage container. Made from transparent plastic and designed to resemble a milk carton, this container is both functional and cute. Dispense smaller sized treats through the spout or by removing the top. Shaking it emits a sound perfect for training sessions.
Personalise it with a picture of your pet and their name

Selective Science Pellets

My piggies love this and the Burgess pellets. Science Selective is reccommended by vets. Their foods are rich in natural ingredients and naturally delicious with no added sugars.Blended with a balance of short and long fibres, natural prebiotics to help optimise digestive health and vitamin C.

Vitamin C

I was reccommended by a vet to give vitamin C to my guinea pigs daily as guinea pigs cannot make their own. He reccomended this liquid one as the water soluble vitamin C doesn't work because the vitamin C degrades very quickly in the water. It might take some practice & patience helping them learn how to use a syringe, at first, but trust me they will soon love it! My herd wheek like crazy every morning when its Vitamin C time. You need to give 1ml per day per piggy using a 1ml syringe, which you can get from the vets or Amazon. Don't worry about giving them too much as they pee out any excess vitamin C.

Rosewood SummerField

My bunny, guinea pig and chinchilla guests LOVE this! We like to call it hay 'seasoning' . Excllent for enticing reluctant hay eaters , a bit of this sprinkled it on hay makes it irresistable to bunnies, guinea pigs, chinchillas and degus. Ingredients: Carrot slices, pea flakes, ribwort (10%), marigold blossoms (10%), sunflower petals (10%), dandelions (10%), hibiscus blossoms (10%), rose blossoms (10%)

Green Oat Hay

Green Oat ReadiGrass is made exclusively from our own fields in the heart of Yorkshire and harvested at an early stage whilst still fresh and green before the oat grain develops. Its crunchy stalks, yummy leaves and fibrous husks provide tasty variety in your pet's diet. Friendly Green Oat ReadiGrass is a delicious alternative to dried grass or hay. It is packed with all the essential nutrients that keep your furry friend in tip top condition: BENEFICIAL FIBRE A great source of nutrients and keeps digestive system moving effectively. PROTEIN Balanced protein delivers energy and supports healthy growth. VITAMINS & MINERALS Required to maintain health and keep coat shiny. DENTAL HEALTH Encourages natural chewing instinct and keeps your pets' teeth worn and healthy

Orchard Grass Hay

My piggies love this hay. Its very green and delicious looking. I think Orchard grass is even better than Timothy. Its much greener and softer. Even thoigh its soft it has some stalks and seed heads which along with it's rough (silica) leaves provides plenty of teeth abraision and roughage, added with it's low calcium and protein values it makes for an excellent feed choice.

Fenugreek Treats

My bunnies love these! every morning they are at the gate waiting for these treats. These are aromatic, crunchy treats made from fenugreek seed which is well-known in naturopathy and has the benefit of being a natural appetite stimulant. I give them one or two just before giving them a lovely pile of orchard grass and summerfield 'seasoning'. Like all hard, crispy treats these crunchies can help to wear growing teeth. Suitable for the following small animals: Rabbits, Giant Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Syrian Hamsters, Dwarf Hamsters, Gerbils, Rats and Mice.Also suitable for Chinchillas and Degus when offered sparingly. Ingredients: ground corn, fenugreek seed (2%).

Wooden bridges

These bendable wooden bridges are amazing! We use them as hideys, tunnel, bridges, ramp and hay holders (when turned upside down). Our guests love to hide in them & climb on them, which is great for exercising & improving limb strength They also love to chew them which helps to wear growing teeth They come in a wide range of sizes, to accomodate from little hamsters to giant rabbits

Cage Fresh

Loads of you have asked how I manage to keep the hotel smelling good despite there being a bazillion guinea pigs. It's because of this stuff, its amazing!! I sprinkle it onto the base of the cages and place the bedding over the top. The pro-bacteria then neutralises the smells and emits its own lovely sea breezy fragrance

Personalised Pet
Cushion Cover

Our personalised pet cushion cover, featuring a personalised design created from your pet's photo. Made from soft and luxurious crushed velvet material, this cushion cover is the perfect addition to any pet lover's home décor. Cherish your furry friend's memory with this beautiful and unique keepsake.

Personalised Pet Sweatshirt

Our personalised pet sweatshirt mean that you can show off your furry friend's adorable face wherever you go! Made from high-quality materials and featuring a design created from your favourite pet's photo

Playpen Panels

I have 20 of these playpen panels that are connected with cable ties for easy assembly and disassembly, making it convenient to set up and put away. These panels can be arranged in various configurations to create playpens of different sizes and shapes for smaller non jumping furries such as guinea pigs and hedgehogs. The plastic panels are 35 x 45 cm. Important: Chinchillas & bunnies would need bigger panels. Not suitable for rats and hamster due to escape risk. Not suitable for larger jumping pets such as chinchillas & bunnies as they need panels with a height of at least 100 cm

"We Live For The Wheekend'' Guinea Pig Jumper Sweatshirt 'in Grey

High Quality fleece lined sweatshirts to keep you nice and cosy even when not able to your favourite guinea pig. This comes in grey, and adult sizes, but if you prefer it in another colour or in kids sizes, drop me a message by following this link to my Etsy page